Argon ONE V3 Case for Raspberry Pi 5


When it comes to Raspberry Cases, the Argon 40s are the creme de la creme. The Argon ONE V3 is a variant of the Argon ONE V2 Case designed for the Raspberry Pi 5. In addition to the usual list of impressive features (see below) the case now:

  • Features a blower type PWM programmable 30mm fan which has been repositioned for better active cooling and reduced noise.
  • Has Improved Passive Cooling with the addition of a Heatsink on the power management chip in addition to that on the CPU.
  • Has improved communication and power management thanks to the addition of a Raspberry Pi RP2040 chip. The chip controls the features and functions of the Argon ONE V3, like fan speed, power management state (e.g. boot manually or automatically after a power outage by simply setting the jumper pins inside the case).

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  1. Two full-sized HDMI ports which support dual display.
  2. IR receiver enabling the user to control the Raspberry Pi with a IR remote for say media player.
  3. Can be booted either manually or automatically after a power outage with the help of special jumper pins inside the case.
  4. Easy acccess to all ports, including the GPIOs which can be accessed through a magnetic lid at the tip
  5. The case is extremely efficient in cooling. This because the case cools passively (its made of aluminum thus acting as a massive heatsink) as well as actively (features an silent fan that uses a special script to control speed).
  6. Power button behind the case that can perform the following (requires installation of a proprietary script)
    • Safe shutdown
    • Reboot force
    • Shutdown


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