Raspberry Pi 5 27W USB-C Power Supply


The freshly introduced 27W USB-C PD (Power Delivery) Power Supply can provide a maximum output of 5.1V at 5A, allowing the Raspberry Pi 5 to support a broader array of peripherals. By default, the total power drawn from the Raspberry Pi 5’s four USB ports is limited to approximately 600mA, but this restriction is automatically raised to around 1.6A when the USB-C PD Power Supply is detected.

Additionally, the USB-C PD Power Supply is versatile enough to offer 3A at 9V, 2.25A at 12V, and 1.8A at 15V for PD-compatible devices, making it an excellent and cost-effective power source for various general-purpose applications beyond the Raspberry Pi.

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Input: 100 – 240Vac

Output: 5.1V, 5A; 9V, 3A; 12V, 2.25A; 15V, 1.8A (Power Delivery)

Connector: USB-C

Cable: 1.2m 17AWG, white or black

Plug: US


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