CNC Aluminum Alloy Case for Raspberry Pi 4B


How about an aluminum case without the need to lose a limb? This aluminum alloy case doubles as a case to protect your Raspberry Pi 4B from the elements as well as a heat-sink to you keep your Pi cool. As a more advanced alternative to the official raspberry pi case and a cheaper alternative to the Argon Case, this armored case is precisely designed for the raspberry pi 4b and thus fits into it like a glove.

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Features and Specifications

  1. Made of Aluminum Alloy with very high heat-conducting property
  2. Accurate Minimalistic design for Raspberry Pi
  3. Expands the heat dissipation area
  4. Low power consumption design, energy-saving.
  5. Quiet since no cooling fans.
  6. Very easy to install
  7. Comes with silicone thermal tape to provide better heat conduction effect.
  8. Weight – 118g
  9. Color – Black, Silver
  10. Packing List
    1. 1 x Aluminum Alloy Case
    2. 1 x Screws Tool Set
    3. 1 x Heat Sinks Set


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