Freenove 4WD Smart Car Kit for Raspberry Pi


It’s time to get serious and unleash the heavier artillery. This 4WD Smart Car by the clever guys from Freenove is your ultimate Programing, Robotics, IoT and Edge Computing training vehicle. Combined with your favorite Raspberry Pi this Kit really spices up learning. Upon assembly, this car can do multiple things including Face Tracking, Line Tracking, Light Tracing, Obstacle Avoidance, Colorful LED Light Show and Ultrasonic Camera Servo. In addition you can control the Car wirelessly from either you PC or your Phone. The Kit is compatible with a majority of Raspberry Boards (NOT INCLUDED) from the mighty Raspberry Pi 4B to the humble Raspberry Pi Zero.  Instinctively Freenove provides very detailed assembly instruction, complete with the Python code needed to get you going quickly (See Packaging).

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Features and Specifications:

  1. Programmable (Using Python)
  2. Assembly Instructions and Code (Python) Provided (See Packaging for Links)
  3. Multiple functions:
    1. Face Tracking,
    2. Line Tracking,
    3. Light Tracing,
    4. Obstacle Avoidance,
    5. Colorful LED Light Show
    6. Ultrasonic Camera Servo
  4. Support Several Raspberry Pi Models:
    1. Recommended:
      Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B+ / 3B / 3A+
    2. Also compatible but needs extra parts (refer to tutorial for details):
      Raspberry Pi 2B / B+ / A+ / Zero 1.3 / Zero W
  5. Multiple Remote Control Options:
    1. Computer:
      Laptop or desktop. (Run Windows, macOS or Raspberry Pi OS.) (Refer to tutorial for details.)
    2. Android device:
      Android phone or tablet. (Run Android 4.4 or later, installed Freenove App.) (Search Freenove on Google Play.)
    3. iPhone:
      (Run iOS 10 or later, installed Freenove App.) (Search Freenove on App Store.)
  6. Packing List Includes:
    • 1 x 4WD Smart Car Board for Raspberry Pi
    • 1 set Machinery Parts (9 kinds)
    • 2 x Servo Package
    • 4 x Driven Wheel
    • 4 x DC Speed Reduction Motor
    • 4 x Motor Bracket Package
    • 1 set Acrylic Parts for Pan Tilt
    • 1 x Line Tracking Module
    • 1 x Camera
    • 1 x Ultrasonic Module
    • 1 x Connection Board
    • 1 x Jumper Wire F/F(4)
    • 1 x XH-2.54-5Pin Cable
    • 1 x Cross Screwdriver (3mm)
    • 1 x Black Tape
    • 1 x Cable Tidy (25cm)

Needed but Not Included:

    • 2 x Battery (Refer to “About_Battery.pdf” in downloaded file to buy.)
    • 1 x Charger for battery
    • 1 x Raspberry Pi board and its necessary accessories


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