Raspberry Pi Micro-USB Power Supply


Buy a Raspberry Pi Micro-USB Power Supply for your projects. The official Micro USB power supply is officially recommended for all micro USB-powered Raspberry Pi computers.

It is compatible with, among others, the Raspberry Pi Zero WH and Raspberry Pi PICO.

This is the three plug UK model so it will be compatible with your average Kenyan power socket.

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Raspberry Pi Micro-USB Power Supply Key Specifications

  • It has a 1.5 m 18AWG captive cable with micro USB output connector
  • Output voltage of +5.1V DC
  • A minimum load current of 0.0A and a nominal load current of 2.5A
  • 96-264Vac operating input range
  • Short circuit and overcurrent protection
  • Current input of 0.5A maximum
  • Input frequency of 50/60Hz ±3Hz
  • Operates in temperatures between 0-40°C


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