Raspberry Pi 5 Display Cable – 200mm


The Raspberry Pi 5 is equipped with two MIPI connectors designed for use with displays (DSI) or camera modules. These connectors are smaller than those found in previous Raspberry Pi generations, necessitating the use of new cables for your Raspberry Pi display.

The display adapter cables feature a 22-way 0.5mm-pitch connection at one end (specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 5) and a 15-way 1mm-pitch connector at the other end (intended for your display). To avoid confusion with similar-looking camera cables, these display cables are clearly marked with “DISPLAY.”

Please Note: These Display cables are NOT compatible with Camera modules, requiring a distinct cable for cameras. Interchangeability between display and camera cables is not supported.


30 in stock


  • Display adapter cable for Raspberry Pi 5
  • For use with DSI displays only (not compatible with camera modules)
  • 22-way 0.5mm pitch to 15-way 1mm-pitch
  • FPC cable (Flexible Printed Circuit)
  • DISPLAY printed on the cable body for easy identification
  • Available in 200mm, 300mm and 500mm lengths


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