Raspberry Pi Debug Probe


This is the official Debug Probe for Raspberry Pi Pico. It is a comprehensive debugging tool for Raspberry Pi Pico and other Arm-based microcontrollers and is powered by an RP2040 chip. It includes a USB to two-wire serial debug bridge alongside a USB to UART bridge. This tool facilitates straightforward debugging of devices like the Raspberry Pi Pico across various host systems such as PCs, Macs, and standard Linux machines.

The Raspberry Pi Debug Probe offers a complete USB-to-debug solution, equipped with all essential hardware and cables for seamless setup. It features both a serial debug interface, typically the Arm Serial Wire Debug (SWD), and a standard UART interface connected through a 3-pin connector. This kit includes the Debug Probe hardware, a USB cable, and three different types of debug cables designed to accommodate a variety of debugging needs.

Designed for compatibility with Raspberry Pi devices as well as other Arm microcontrollers, the Debug Probe supports both standard UART and CMSIS-DAP interfaces, making it versatile for various development projects. It is based on the Raspberry Pi Pico and utilizes the open-source Picoprobe software, which can be readily updated with the latest firmware or modified with custom firmware to meet specific requirements.

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  • Official Documentation and Introduction
  • Form factor: 22mm × 32mm
  • USB to two-wire serial debug bridge (Arm Serial Wire Debug supported by default)
  • USB to UART bridge
  • Compatible with the CMSIS-DAP standard
  • Works with OpenOCD and other tools supporting CMSIS-DAP
  • Follows the Raspberry Pi 3-pin Debug Connector Specification
  • Includes a high-quality transparent plastic case
  • Includes a USB cable and three debug cables: 3-pin JST connector to 3-pin JST connector cable; 3-pin JST connector to 0.1-inch header (female); 3-pin JST connector to 0.1-inch header (male)
  • Nominal I/O voltage: 3.3V


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