3.5 Inch Resistive Touch Screen


This 3.5 Inch IPS touch display is an ideal smaller and cheaper alternative to the Official Raspberry Pi touch display. IPS displays are known for their faster response times, wider viewing angles, better color/contrast compared to other displays and outstanding color accuracy and screen consistency. Developed with quality and reliability in mind, this display is compatible with most Raspberry Pi boards including the Pi 4B and 3B+. It securely latches on the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins for touch interface. For display interface it connects to the Raspberry through a standard HDMI Cable and as such can be used as main and/or secondary display for the same. For brightness adjustment, it also comes with a physical button which adjusts the builtin backlight. As a BONUS this display works with not just any operating system without the need for special drivers, but it also works with a multitude of other electronic devices including other Single Board Computers, IoT devices and PCs.

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Features and Specifications

  1. IPS full viewing angle display
  2. 1024 X 600 HD resolution,
  3. Up to 178° full viewing angle panel
  4. Support Raspberry Pi back-to-back direct installation and locking
  5. Plug-and-play driver-free.
  6. Equipped with a 60° bracket, easy to install, simple and practical, and a vertical display in seconds
  7. Built-in Backlight adjustment button
  8. Packing List:
    1. 1 X 3.5inch RPi Display
    2. 1 X Resistive Touch Pen
  9. Maker Specification can be found here


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