7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen


This is a monitor with 5-point touch capacitive screen for Raspberry Pi devices.
Only need the connection to the DISPLAY port of your Raspberry Pi.

This display has no HDMI port and is only compatible with certain models of Raspberry Pi. These are: Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B+ / 3B / 3A+ / 2B / 1B+ / 1A+

Note: If the display is not showing correctly, just modify the configuration file to make it correct (see tutorial option below).

Note: This kit does NOT include Raspberry Pi and its accessories.


Comes with tutorial to show how to use. (Downloadable and paper tutorial.)
You can download it from here: http://freenove.com/fnk0078


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Size: 7 inch
Resolution: 800 x 480 pixel
Refresh rate: 60 Hz
Screen type: IPS / TN
Touch type: 5-point touch capacitive
Interface: Raspberry Pi DISPLAY

What is in Box:

1 x Touchscreen monitor
1 x Ribbon cable (5cm)
1 x Ribbon cable (10cm)
2 x M2.5*12 screw
4 x M2.5*4 screw
4 x M2.5*4+4 standoff
1 x Cross screwdriver
2 x Monitor stand


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