Raspberry Pi HQ Camera 6mm 3MP Lens (CS-mount)


This is the 6mm Wide Angle Lens for the New Raspberry Pi High Quality (HQ) Camera.
The lens is easy to install since it screws directly onto the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera. The Lens features multiple adjustment options (via thumbscrews) for greater flexibility and image refinement.
With its wide field of view, this lens is great for CCTV-style applications (e.g. projects like a DIY smart video for doorbell, CCTV/home security, wildlife camera, or an upgrade to IoT & robotics applications), since it allows you to see more of the overall target area (do not use the lens adapter with the 6mm lens or everything will be blurry!).

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Product Specifications

  • Image format: 1/2″
  • Focal length: 6mm
  • Resolution: 3 MegaPixels
  • Aperture: F1.2
  • Mount: CS
  • Field Angle: 63° (DxHxV(°)
  • M.O.D.: 0.2m
  • Back Focal Length: 7.53mm
  • Dimension: 30x34mm
  • Weight: 53g
  • Operation: Manual


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