Raspberry Pi Touch Display


The raspberry Pi Touch display is a 7 inches’ touchscreen display.

It can be used for interactive projects such as entertainment systems, tablets and information dashboards.

Raspberry Pi OS provides touchscreen drivers with support for ten-finger touch and on-screen keyboard and full functionality without needing to connect a keyboard or mouse.


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  • Assembly module size: 192.96mm × 110.76mm
  • Display size (diagonal): 7 inches
  • Display format: 800 (RGB) × 480 pixels
  • Active area:  154.08mm × 85.92mm
  • LCD type: TFT, normally white, transmissive
  • Touch panel: True multi-touch capacitive touch panel with up to 10
  • points of absolution
  • Surface treatment: Anti-glare
  • Colour configuration: RGB-stripe
  • Backlight type: LED B/L



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