Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler


Meet the Active Cooler, the ideal companion for keeping your Raspberry Pi 5 operating at peak performance during prolonged, high-demand usage! This dynamic cooling duo features a heatsink and fan, providing efficient temperature control. Installation is a breeze—attach the Active Cooler effortlessly to your Raspberry Pi 5 using spring-loaded pins that snugly fit into designated mounting holes.

Tailored for users seeking robust cooling without a case during sustained heavy usage, the Raspberry Pi Active Cooler combines a substantial metal heatsink with a high-quality variable-speed blower fan. The Cooler is powered and controlled through the Raspberry Pi 5’s fan connector.

As the Pi 5 CPU generates heat, the blower fan circulates cool air over the heatsink, ensuring optimal thermal performance. Thermal pads establish a solid thermal connection with the Raspberry Pi 5. The fan operates under software control, remaining silent until temperatures reach the predefined threshold.

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Input voltage: 5V DC supplied via four-pin fan header on Raspberry Pi 5

Fan speed control: Pulse width modulation control with tachometer

Maximum airflow: 1.09 CFM

Maximum fan speed: 8000 RPM +/- 15%

Product material: Anodised aluminium


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