Argon THRML 30mm Active Cooler


The Argon THRML Active Cooler is a more affordable alternative to the official Raspberry Pi 5 Active cooler. It fits on top of the Raspberry Pi 5 to keep it cool while keeping the small form factor just like the active cooler. Its features a 30mm PWM blower fan which combined with the Tunnel Type Radiator aluminum heatsink design, Maximizes heat dissipation away from the Raspberry Pi 5. It also has quick snap on and push pins for easy mounting on Raspberry Pi 5 for ease of installation. Comes in black of silver finis.

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  • Input voltage: 5V DC supplied via four-pin fan header on Raspberry Pi 5
  • Fan speed control: Pulse width modulation control with tachometer
  • Maximum airflow: 1.09 CFM
  • Maximum fan speed: 8000 RPM +/- 15%
  • Product material: Aluminum


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