Freenove Basic Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico (Without Pico)


This kit combined with a Raspberry Pi Pico H or Raspberry Pi Pico W(not included) offers a more advanced and effective set of tinkering tools to ensure that learners, old and young alike, have a more solid foundation in IoT and basic electronics. Freenove are a known brand in the STEM and IoT learning environment and their products are centered around the concept of hands-on learning. That’s why in addition to having over 142 items in this kit, which can support well over 48 projects in at least 3 programing languages (MicroPython and C), they also provide a 313-page detailed tutorial (including basic electronics knowledge) and as a bonus you can email their technical team for assistance. This kit is compatible with Raspberry Pi PICO H , Raspberry Pi PICO W and even Arduino.

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Main Features:

* 2 tutorials
MicroPython and C (Compatible with Arduino IDE).

* 313-page detailed tutorial
Comes with detailed tutorial including basic electronics knowledge. (Download needed, no paper tutorial.)
You can download them before purchasing:

* 142 common items
All parts needed to complete the projects in the tutorial. No soldering required.

* 48 interesting projects
Each project has circuit diagrams and verified code with detailed explanations.

* Get support
Our technical service team is always ready to answer your questions.

Contents of MicroPython / C Tutorial:

Raspberry Pi Pico
Chapter 0 Getting Ready
Chapter 1 LED
Project 1.1 Blink
Project 1.2 Blink
Chapter 2 Button & LED
Project 2.1 Button & LED
Project 2.2 MINI Table Lamp

(Download tutorial for details)

Chapter 10 Photoresistor & LED
Project 10.1 Control LED through Photoresistor
Chapter 11 Thermistor
Project 11.1 Thermometer
(The following chapters are only for Raspberry Pi Pico W)

Chapter 14 Control LED with Web
Project 14.1 Control the LED with Web


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