ABS Case for Raspberry Pi 4 (Fits 3.5″ Display/POE+ HAT)


This case is designed with multipurpose application in mind. First, with the upper lid closed you can use it like the ordinary case just to offer protection to your Pi 4B. In addition to the usual cutouts for the various Pi Ports, the upper lid is not only perforated and thus helping with air cooling, but it can also be detached.  When the lid is detached you will have unobstructed access to your Raspberry Pi board including the csi port, the GPIO pins etc etc. Maybe by far the most amazing aspect of the case is that it precisely fits the 3.5 inch touch display OR the Raspberry Pi POE+ HAT. You tuck in that tiny screen in there together with the PI 4B and its the cutest gadget you will ever hold in your hand. Thus combined with this case and a 3.5 inch touch display your Pi becomes way more portable. In addition to all that it is also the only case that fits the POE+ HAT and gives you a more neat and safe devices in your network. It goes without saying that this is case, with all its features, is also very affordable.

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Features and Specification:

  1. Made of high quality, durable ABS Material
  2. Detachable, Perforated Lid
  3. Perfectly fits the Raspberry Pi 4B
  4. Perfectly fits around the 3.5 inch Display or Raspberry Pi POE+ HAT
  5. Comes with securing screws
  6. Easy to Install
    1. Connect it on the Second and Third pins from the Outside Row of the GPIO (SEE IMAGES)
  7. Affordable
  8. Packing List
    1. 1 x ABS Case for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (with screws)


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