Argon NEO Case for Raspberry Pi 4


When it comes to Raspberry Cases, the Argon 40s are the creme de la creme. The Argon NEO line of cases is a more minimalistic design and offers a polished, sleek design and look with a modern Space Grey finish. It is Made of plastic base protecting surfaces from scratches and allowing unobstructed wireless connections, an aluminum middle section for passive cooling, and a magnetic aluminum top for easy access the Pi board below. The case has a lot going for it. See Below:

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  1. The Argon NEO Raspberry Pi 4 Case is a top-notch choice, combining plastic and aluminum for durability and efficient cooling.
  2. The case acts as passive cooling, Heat will be transferred from CPU to the whole case body, combined with airflow vents on the bottom, better cooling effect
  3. Easy to open, easy to cover, keep the ports safe when not in use
  4. Specially designed Pi camera mount, let the camera be upstanding
  5. All the ports of the Raspberry Pi 4 are easily accessible
  6. The case includes practical features like a slit for a Raspberry Pi Camera Module and labeled pins on the 40-pin header
  7. Assembling is easy, and its compact design makes it portable, with a magnetic top ensuring port protection when not in use.


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